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File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF stands for Portable Document Format, that means it always looks the same on any screen. PDF is widely used in business sphere and at the same time is convenient to create and view various manuals, eBooks, brochures and other sorts of documents. PDF document can contain text, graphics, spreadsheets and other visual elements.
Technical Details: PDF extension combines three technologies. First is a subset of the PostScript page description programming language, for creating the layout and graphics. Second is font-embedding/replacement system to allow fonts to travel with the documents. Third, it is a structured storage system in which these elements and any related content are combined into one file with the appropriate data compression.
Developed by ISO
MIME Type: 15 June 1993
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How to Add Watermark PDF Files

Want to have a neat, easy to share, and cross-platform document? Use our web service and enjoy fast and high-quality conversion results.

How to add watermark to PDF online

A watermark is a digital mark (an image or text) embedded in PDFs, photos, illustrations, etc., that indicates authorship or ownership of the marked content. As a standard, it should be semitransparent and barely visible, but visible enough so that the content isn’t usable. If your text falls into the wrong hands, the mark will play a marketing and protective role in keeping your data secure and controlled by you. It helps potential customers identify and contact you as the author while keeping unauthorized users from editing the document. 

Go to and follow the quick steps to add watermark to PDF for free:

  1. Upload the image you need. 
  2. Click Add Watermark Now!.
  3. Choose the page you want to embed it in.
  4. Download your secured document.

The whole process won't take you more than five minutes (and that’s if you have a lot of pages to mark). With AltoAddWatermarktoPDF, you do not need to waste time registering an account. Use our reliable browser-based solution for protecting your documents online from copying by third-party resources. Apply your image/text, save the PDF and you’re DONE!

How to add watermark to PDF online

How to watermark a PDF in Chrome

Having put a lot of effort into creating an accurate and professional document you should protect it with a tool for copyright. It doesn’t matter what you’ve created; instructions, how-to guides, training courses, etc. It’s all valuable and you shouldn’t want others taking it from you. The easiest way is to create a noticeable, memorable, but not overwhelming watermark and apply it to PDF pages in Chrome is to use the Alto extension. The AltoAddWatermarktoPDF add-on can be easily found in the Chrome Web Store and installed in just a few clicks.

See how easy it is to add watermark to PDF with our extension:

  1. Tap on Alto’s add-on in the top right-hand corner of your browser.
  2. Choose a document from your device or the cloud.
  3. Choose your watermark (text or image). 
  4. Save your new document.

Make sure to place the mark on the pages in a way that would make it impossible for someone to hide, remove, or cover it. This will prevent your content from unauthorized use and winding up on your competitors’ websites or in marketing material. Apply your logo to any PDF in seconds!

How to watermark a PDF in Chrome

How to add watermark to PDF on Windows

Watermarks are often seen on PDFs. They can be brand logos and wording like DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL. They’re usually placed on different types of content and each company has its own company guidelines for applying them. Companies often use Windows OS, where adding a custom mark is best done in Word.

Adding a watermark to PDF with the help of Word:

  1. Go to the Design tab.
  2. Click Watermark.
  3. Select a pre-designed image or enter text.
  4. Save the pages in Portable Document Format.

If you start in Word it’s super easy as mentioned above. The tricky part is if you’re working with a PDF that’s already been generated. If the latter is your case, use an online solution like AltoAddWatermarktoPDF. The advantage of a web-based editor is that it works on desktop and mobile devices regardless of their OS. And remember, to keep your document attractive, both aesthetically and commercially, it’s important to maintain a balance between the size and location of the watermark. A mark that’s too small with no contrast negates the entire purpose while a large one that has too much contrast takes readers’ attention away from the information. 

How to add watermark to PDF on Windows

How to embed a logo into a document on Mac

If you've ever tried to run Portable Document Format on a Mac professionally, you’ve realized it's not so easy to do without third-party applications. Yes, you can open a document in Preview and even make edits, but beyond Mac’s default software there’s not much flexibility.

See how to add watermark to PDF on Mac using Pages:

  1. Open your document.
  2. Choose a Text or Shape icon.
  3. Use the Opacity box from the Style section.
  4. Choose where on each page to add your watermark.
  5. Tap Arrange > Section Masters > Move Object to Section Master.
  6. Save your record in PDF format.

There’s another solution, Adobe Reader. But you can't edit PDFs in the free version. If you want a free alternative, try the Alto editor. which requires neither registration nor installation. It’s browser-based! With AltoAddWatermarktoPDF, you can add a watermark to a PDF on the go and easily move and resize it. 

How to embed a logo into a document on Mac

How to add watermark in PDF with Adobe Acrobat

There are several ways to watermark PDFs and images. Adobe Photoshop is a classic but not the easiest or the fastest. You can also use Acrobat Pro DC, but remember that the software is available only after signing up with a paid subscription. If you already have it, simply create a watermark using a logotype, logomark, or plain text. 

Follow this quick step-by-step guide while working with PDF’s or images:

  1. Open up any template.
  2. Select Document > Watermark
  3. Click Add to apply your stamp. 
  4. Adjust the size and positioning of your stamp.
  5. Save your document.

You can add several watermarks to one or more files, but you need to insert each mark separately. To reuse your brand image, make sure you’ve saved it in your settings. You will find your ready-made logo on the Saved Settings menu. With Pro and added Document Cloud, you will be able to work with your PDFs on the web, including mobile. Otherwise, you can always find a free online editor, like AltoAddWatermarktoPDF. It works on any device, OS, and from anywhere that has a stable internet connection. It’s also free and doesn’t require any signing up or installation.

How to add watermark in PDF with Adobe Acrobat

How to watermark a PDF on your smartphone or tablet

We highly recommend that you use the browser-based solution AltoAddWatermarktoPDF or find its appropriate app in the Play and/or App stores for adding watermark to PDF. Why choose Alto? Here it is in three simple points. First, it’s designed to be very straightforward and easy to navigate. Second, no matter what you’re working on it can be completed in less than 5 minutes and sometimes a few clicks. Third,  it’s accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and works well on any mobile device regardless of its OS. 

Use your phone to brand documents in seconds:

  1. Upload documents to our web or mobile app.
  2. Tap Add Watermark Now! And choose an image to use from your device. If you don’t want to use an image, type text (DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL) instead. 
  3. Adjust its size and place it on each page.
  4. Download your branded content instantly.

If you decide to use a visual stamp on your mobile device, design it well in advance. Find the right color, size, and location — this will make your custom logotype/logomark work in your favor and not against you. What do we mean? Poorly placed and designed watermarks look bad. Anything that looks bad on your material won’t promote your business very well. Process your PDFs for free with AltoAddWatermarktoPDF!

How to watermark a PDF on your smartphone or tablet

How to add watermark to PDFs on iOS

Assuming that you need to publish unique information on some website (yours or elsewhere) or share it with users via email, you face the possibility of your data getting stolen and used by your competitors. Unauthorized users may use the information for their own purposes. If so, it's essential to protect your documents with an additional layer of custom text or image. You may already know how to add a watermark to PDF for free on your computer. But what is the best solution to use on your iPhone or iPad? Give AltoAddWatermarktoPDF a try right from Safari.

Take advantage of our 6 step guide: 

  1. Go to
  2. Upload anything that you want branded.
  3. Click Add Watermark Now!.
  4. Type text (Confidential/Draft, etc.) or use an image logotype/logomark.
  5. Save and download your secured document.
  6. Refresh the page to start over and brand another document. 

Now that you have your logo or text applied to your copy, it’ll be much harder for someone to steal or remove it. Export the ready document in a large number of formats compatible with any software, including Microsoft Office, Pages, HTML, and even Fax. Take advantage of AltoPDF for free and get a more seamless file management experience. 

How to add watermark to PDFs on iOS

How to watermark a PDF on Android

How often do you find yourself out of the office when something important gets emailed to you? Do you find that you’re always getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks when you need to manage your files in some way? The reality is you aren’t alone. Literally millions of Americans find themselves in the same situation. If you use an Android, you have several options to add a watermark to a PDF. Not all of them are equally convenient or effective. So what we’ve done is did the hard part and found the best solution for you. Apply any form of branding to your documents with AltoAddWatermarktoPDF right from your phone or tablet. 

Follow the next few steps to get your PDFs ready in a few clicks:

  1.  Find the needed file from your internal storage or the cloud.
  2. Upload it to the web app or mobile app.
  3. Select your custom brand element in .jpg, .png, .bmp format. If you prefer, add text instead of an image.
  4. Save or share the result.

Congratulations! You've added a perfect watermark to your document. Remember, you don't need to do this for every page in your PDF.  AltoAddWatermarktoPDF goes the extra mile and will copy and place the logo/text on each page in your file. And if you need to do more with your files, take a look at AltoPDF. Convert PDFs, create documents from scanned images, annotations, signatures, and export files to any convenient format. Another useful feature is the ability to combine several documents into one. Get everything you need to work with documents for free using Alto!

How to watermark a PDF on Android


How do I add a watermark to a PDF for free?

Launch AltoAddWatermarktoPDF in your preferred browser to start adding a watermark to your PDF file. All you need to do is to upload your document and start editing it. Do it all online. Choose which pages you want to mark and simply embed a text or an image in seconds.